Pannier Liner Bags: How To Choose The Right One

Pannier Liner Bags: How To Choose The Right One

If you are a two-wheel commuter then you are short of enough space to accommodate your luggage. But you no longer need to worry about your luggage as pannier bags now come in many sizes and varieties. Although saddlebags or any other bags are in use from ages as famously they were used by postmen, soldiers, and cowboys. However, recently these pannier liner bags gained very rapid popularity and are now a must buying product for bikers. The main idea behind these panniers liner bags is to take off the load from you back and offer you more convenience while on the route. Riding while having luggage on your back can not only trouble you but can also result in shoulder pain and backache. Having the luggage in panniers your clothes will not bunch in winters and will be less sweaty in summers. It’s easy to buy pannier liner bags but you need to know about a few important factors before buying.

Let’s state these factors in detail below:


The very first and basic factor to look for is to only see the pannier liner bags that are designed for your specific model bike. It will make your life easy and will save you much time and energy. Nowadays pannier bags for almost every bike such as BMW, DUCATI, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, GIVI, HARDLEY DAVIDSONTRIUMPH and many more are easily available in the market.


Surely one of the most important factors is the material of the pannier liner bags. Usually and conventionally these pannier bags were mostly made of leather. However, it’s not like this now as these bags are produced in many other materials too. Such as Cordura fabric and polyester. Leather is for sure a long-lasting material and looks charming but it needs a great deal of maintenance and it adds extra weight too. Furthermore, it is decumbent to rain and sun so it needs extensive care. The leather made pannier bags can cost you extra buck as compared to the bags made of other materials. Cordura fabric made pannier bags are no less in quality as it reduces the weight of the bag and is a waterproof material so it offers great resistance against water. It’s cheaper and reliable and requires very little maintenance.


Ideally, the pannier bags should weigh less and should accommodate enough stuff for you. Choose the bag which opens wide like a suitcase that will help you in easy packing and also you will be able to adjust more stuff.


The good looks of the pannier bags count a lot. Buy the pannier bags which will make you confident of carrying it where ever you want. As you will not always use it for traveling purposes.


Make sure the pannier bags you are about to buy are easy to fit in and removed smoothly from the pannier bags. If you have bought these bags as per your bike model and brand then you should not worry about this factor. But on a safer side, it’s good to check if the bags sit well and detached smoothly. This factor comes in to play when you are in a hassle situation.


If the bag is not stitched well then it doesn’t matter how good the quality of the material is used. Whether if its leather, Cordura fabric, polyester or any other material it needs to be stitched well and stitched with good quality thread. Also, good craftsmanship is important. Mostly used thread for stitching is heavy-duty nylon thread which adds more strength and firmness.


When you decide to buy a pair of pannier bags make sure that they are water-resistant. Before buying the bag you should consider all the seasons and rainy weather. You can’t just let your luggage vulnerable to dust and water.


Along with the use of heavy-duty thread for stitching it is also important to see if the bag has piping on the outer edges. Piping is used to make sure the bag is not prone to ripping and also to support the bag to stay in shape even if it is placed on the ground or any other surface. Contrasting color piping is more recommended as it will improve the look of the pannier bags and also these bags will be visible in the dark too.


Super quality zippers add more charm to the bag. Make sure that the zippers used in the pannier bags are of good quality, strong, runs smooth and easy to grip.


Buy the bag which has carry handles and shoulder strap as you should not just limit these bags to panniers only. Use the bag for office use and other than just carrying it in the panniers. This feature will give you easy in carrying the bag.


For travel documents and other important documents, you need to buy the pannier bags which have an extra outer pocket.


Go for the pannier bags which have bottom studs. As it will make sure that the bag is not exposed to dirt and wear and tear, in case you have to keep the bag on the ground on any other surface.


The last but important factor to check. Go for the bag which can be easily stored for future use.

Pannier bags are now a basic necessity for every biker. Pannier bags make your ride more convenient and comfortable. Instead of putting the bags on your back, it helps you to put your entire luggage in the panniers. Furthermore, these pannier bags come with a waterproof material that safeguards your luggage. Importance aside, buying the right pannier bags is crucial. Following are the main factors to see in the pannier bags before buying:

  • Buy as per your bike model
  • The material of the pannier
  • Lightweight and spacious
  • Pleasing looks
  • Adjustable in the pannier
  • Stitched well
  • Water-resistant
  • Piping on the outer edge
  • Super quality Zippers
  • Carry handles
  • Outer pocket
  • Bottom studs
  • Easily stored

Hopefully, this post has helped you in choosing the right pannier bags. If it has helped you, kindly do let us know.

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