About Us


Since it’s established in 2009, with the basic concept of manufacturing export quality motorcycle gears, GREAT BIKERS GEAR has produced extraordinary quality gears with exceptional style and design. Over the past few years, Great Bikers Gear has got global recognition for providing end-users with phenomenal quality products.

It all commenced with pannier bags and saddlebags but with time we felt the need for a range of quality, affordable and stylish motorcycling gears. Now we are a significant global supplier of supreme quality Protective Wear for bikers, luggage accessories for bikers, Pannier liner bags, saddlebags, and workwear apparel and corporate clothing. We ship throughout Europe, USA, and Australia.

Our product development team has everything at hand to manufacture top quality standards of service and to put every kind of product we produce through its paces before we sign it off and release it into our collection. Having own manufacturing setup allows us to give the gears at the best selling price to our valued customers.

Through our unique position in manufacturing, we offer the world’s leading expertise to solve safety problems for bikers. We are more than prepared to go the extra mile by supplying customized products to meet all the requirements. We strive to build effective, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and corporate entities.

We know what safety means while on two wheels, that’s why we aim to give the riders all they need to ride with confidence- supreme quality gears upon which they can trust, and specifically designed products that ease their life while riding.

Great Bikers Gear

We strive to improve the Quality Management System to – boost our team work, Timely delivery and to provide best protection products & services to achieve complete customer Satisfaction. We have our own manufacturing facility with specialist staff trained to a very high standard. Our staff is always available to help you optimize your product range and offer the most cost effective solutions to your personal and business requirements. We emphasize on safety and wellbeing of our customers. Our strengths that elevate us to the position of reliable and trustworthy business partner include:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • Assured quality products
  • Timely deliveries
  • Customization
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior customer service
  • Attention to details

Apart from a comprehensive product range, our team of professionals is prepared to work in conjunction with the client to innovate and conceptualize a range of products to meet individual requirements.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of protective motorcycling gears that are specific to your particular needs and requirements. From Protective Wear for bikers, luggage accessories for bikers, Pannier liner bags, saddlebags, and workwear apparel and corporate clothing we are confident that we can provide functional and comfortable gears to wear within any road environment. We don’t just supply protective wear, we are truly committed to offer complete services.

A total supply solution backed by high level expertise and unmatched level of customer services. The various categories we deal in are:

  • Pannier Liner Bags
  • Saddle Bags
  • Gear bags
  • Tool bags
  • Leather jackets for men & ladies
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather Protective Suits
  • Kevlar Protective Jeans & Trousers
  • Kevlar Protective Hoodies
  • Leather Vests
  • Kevlar Pants & shirts
  • Kevlar denim jackets


We are a bike gears manufacturing company and it is our responsibility to build the gears that are sturdy, innovative, stylish and well crafted. This is a huge responsibility but it gives us pride and satisfaction to deliver the stuff that helps the bike riders to ride with full confidence and authority without worrying about their safety.


Our customers are sharp and they know each and everything about the bike gears so they can sniff out insincerity from far away. Our transparency and sincerity mean a lot to our customers so we want to convey to them that we know what we are doing. We will admit if we go wrong and will fix it and will learn from it. Customer feedbacks are of great importance to us, we wholeheartedly seek their suggestions and complaints to enhance our products.


We are very much keen and we strive continuously in making life better on two wheels for the riders across different countries especially in Europe, USA and Australia. We believe that it’s our responsibility to build gears that let the riders enjoy the ride rather than thinking about bleeding and peeling their skin off. We want this world better than we found it.


By this, we mean that we will design and develop products that will make our customers happy and satisfied, both on and off the ride. We believe in our employees and allow them to work with freedom. For satisfaction, our criteria are to make such products that we ourselves will use and love. We believe that good care of employees and owning them in every thick and thin is the key to our pursuit. We will stick to the basics and will strive to achieve the best.

We named our company Great Bikers Gear because it signifies that we offer great quality bike gears. Our gear meets the brief and gives the riders what was desired and leave them pleased and satisfied.

We do this because:

We understand the BIKE GEARS

We are in this business for more than a decade now and we know each and everything about this business. Having worked closely with and developed different gears for that long, we can confidently say that we are good at it.

We give protection with style

Although our main emphasis is on the safety of the riders, however, we don’t want our customers to look odd with it too. From luggage accessories to wearing gears all are designed in such a way that will look cool on, both on & off the ride.

We care about you

Taking care of our customers is our primary goal. We deliver the gears that provides the best protection. From clothing gears to luggage accessories we make sure that all are designed with safety proven materials and procedures.