Saddle Bags: How To Choose The Right One

Saddle Bags: How To Choose The Right One

The motorcycle is one of the most important sources of transportation now. It’s no more used for fun only; peoples now use it for different purposes. However, with motorcycle there come some issues too. The main issue is of carrying luggage. But you don’t need to worry about carrying luggage, as several carrying options are now available. One of the most widely used and famous mean is “Saddlebag”. The idea of saddlebags comes from the sacks, as in old days sacks were the source of carrying luggage over camels and horses. Saddlebags used for bikes are more superior to sacks. Buying a saddlebag is a necessity but getting a saddlebag can be a little hard as there is a huge variety of saddlebags in the market. But you don’t worry; this blog will help you in selecting the right saddlebags for you.

Below discussed are the most important factors you need to look before buying saddlebags:


When it comes to quality, the saddlebags made of cowhide are the best of the lot. Cowhide provides one of the best leather for different products. Its thickness makes it an obvious choice for saddlebags. The fibers of the cowhide are closely packed which make it water-resistant, tough and long-lasting. No doubt leather provides good quality bags but leather is not the only choice. Saddlebags huge variety comes from synthetic materials too, which are strong and durable.


Go for the saddlebags which feature quickly and easy attach and detach or have fast undone buckles. Although a huge variety of saddlebags is available now however, the traditional throw-over saddlebags are the best option. It costs less and looks simple but elegant, plus it doesn’t add extra weight like installed hard cases or racks for saddlebags. They come with universal sizes so it will mount on the bike very easily. This simplicity and ease of use make it an obvious choice as anyone will prefer the saddlebags that can be put on and taken off on the bike in no time and effortlessly.


It’s one of the most important aspects of the saddlebags. You need to look at the dimensions and size of the saddlebags very critically. The first important thing you need to check the spacing between the bags. The saddlebags need to perfectly fit on the motorbike. And the second important thing you need to make sure is that there is no contact with the exhaust. Bags should be at least two inches above the exhaust. You need to see it critically as these bags makers seldom take care of it. An easy way to get rid of it is to read the size chart given on websites of the particular saddlebags you is going to purchase. A slight focus on dimensions and size can protect your luggage and will help your saddlebags to last long.


Huge variety and different pricing can disturb you while selecting saddlebags. But you need to see if the bag is good enough to safeguard you and your luggage. Always opt for a bag that gives you a complete solution. Extremely cheap or low-quality saddlebags that you often see from different retailers, may facilitate you at first but you will regret it later on. Mind you, a motorcycle roams on a shear pace so you need saddlebags that will protect your luggage.


Ideally, the leather made saddlebags should weigh around 8-9 pounds and should accommodate about 20 Liters of luggage. Saddlebags made from synthetic materials weigh less as compared to the leather made saddlebags. They weigh around 600 to 900g while the capacity may remain the same.


Usually, the cowhide made saddlebags offer good resistance against water and in other adverse conditions. Because good quality cowhide leather has a thickness of more than 2 mm which offers tremendous resistance. A synthetic material made saddlebags provides better water-resistance than leather and is durable too. But the condition for both the variety is of high-quality material, only then the resistance is assured.


Maintenance is a key factor. Leather needs much care as you cannot leave it to dry. It needs regular treatment with moisturizers to safeguard them from cracks. On the other hand, saddlebags made from synthetic materials are not much maintenance demanding. Also, unlike leather, they don’t stretch with the effect of rain or with use. Leather needs much maintenance but it looks very classy and elegant.


Looking classy is everything for a bike rider. After all the hard work you did to select quality and perfect saddlebags but if they don’t look classy then surely you missed the trick. Perfect saddlebags will compliment your bike without hiding its details. In terms of beautiful looks, you surely have to buy leather made bags. Synthetic materials made saddlebags may look good but leather is on the top of the list. Usually, the color that matched the most with the bike is preferred.

Having no saddlebags is not an option now. As the use of motorbike is becoming more and more purposeful so carrying your luggage and other resources with yourself is a necessity. But to have a perfect pair of saddlebags you need to focus on the above-mentioned factors, which are:

• Quality of the bag • Easy access • Dimensions and sizing • Safety • Holding capacity • Water-resistant • Maintenance • Elegant looks

If this blog helps you in buying perfect quality saddlebags or you think that this content was helpful for you then please do give us feedback. We will appreciate your feedback in the below comments section.

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