A brief guide to motorcycle clothing is what every biker needs when he/she are about to buy motorcycle clothing. As they need to get the understanding of the stuff and other important factors. Traveling with proper security measures on a motorcycle is very crucial because the rider is exposed to many risks such as crash, fall, and extreme weather. Besides safety, these specially constructed clothing are designed to look like regular fashion wears so you don’t need to worry about the odd looks. Unlike past, now lots of brands working on motorcycle clothing and equipment. So it’s very easy to find and get the clothing to protect yourself while riding. But before buying you need to get an understanding of the motorcycle clothing to get what actually you need. Let’s get into it:


The shirt is the first thing you will look for while buying motorcycle clothing. And you need to buy the one which will not only protect you but also make you look well. Following are the factors you need to look while buying motorcycle riding shirts:

  • First of all see if the shirt is like a regular fashion shirt, as you will not love to look odd while riding.
  • Make sure the shirt is made of premium quality cotton, to be comfortable.
  • It must be reinforced with Kevlar fiber to provide you abrasion-resistance so that it can protect you in case of any fall.
  • See if the shirt has CE approved armor at elbows, shoulders and for back protection, it will upgrade the impact protection.
  • See if the shirt offers air circulation to improve comfort.


You will love to save your knees and thighs in a crash or fall. Then you need to buy jeans which are:

  • Made of quality and stretchable denim.
  • Slim-fit and straight-leg biker jeans and are styled to look like a regular fashion denim jeans.
  • Lined with Kevlar fabric which is abrasion-resistant to protect you while riding.
  • Fully breathable, flexible, lightweight and non-allergic.
  • Comprised of CE approved knee and hip armors for maximum protection.
  • Stitched with heavy-duty thread in a hidden structure to look smooth and flawless.
  • Equipped with YKK zippers.


Without a doubt, jackets are the mostly bought motorcycle gear. As it’s the perfect gear to keep yourself warm and also to make you look like a rock star. Jackets come in different material and varieties but some of the key factors which help you to buy a perfect jacket are:

  • It has to be made of premium quality leather (preferably cowhide, lambskin or goatskin) or other best quality textile fabrics which offer abrasion and water-resistance.
  • It has to be slim-fit and should not be loose, avoid the jackets with generic cuts and sizes.
  • It has to be stitched with premium quality threads with precision.
  • Lined with quality fabric like silk or cotton and likely to be perforated as well.
  • It has to be of perfect length, which will cover the waist.
  • Armors for elbows and shoulders will be a bonus but that’s up to you, however, it is strongly recommended.


You need to wear quality gloves as in any crash and fall, hands will be the first organs to make contact. So to protect your hands to loose skin or break any finger you need to put on quality gloves. Below are the key factors to look for when buying gloves for bike riding:

  • The material should be of goatskin or other quality leathers and strong textile fabrics.
  • It must offer abrasion and water resistance.
  • Buy the gloves that fit well and offer a good grip.
  • Quality gloves will be perforated and comfortable.
  • Quality gloves will cover and offer full protection to the back of the hands, knuckles, and fingers.
  • There has to be a fastening button or Velcro to adjust the gloves according to your wrist size.


Probably the most underrated gear among all. As mostly rider will wear sports shoes or other casual shoes as they look cool. But it’s very much important to wear proper boots for riding as in many cases rider’s foot traps in a crash or fall which can cause painful injuries, especially in ankles. Here are the things you need to see in bike riding boots:

  • Boots need to be specially designed for bike riding but should not look odd.
  • Built from high quality and strong leathers.
  • Covers the ankles and offer abrasion- resistance.
  • It will be a bonus if it has ankle protection within.
  • Make sure the laces are inside the boots.
  • Offer good grip and are not vulnerable to slipping and twisting.
  • Do not buy much heavy and non-breathable boots.


On two wheels you are always vulnerable to many threats but you can overcome these threats by putting on proper motorcycle clothing and other gears. Unlike past, you can easily get the best bike clothing, however in so many varieties out there and without no knowledge about it, you can get the wrong stuff. In this blog, we discussed the factors that should be in quality clothing.

           We believe this blog helps you in giving you an understanding of how to buy different motorcycle clothing. If it helped you then do lets us know in the comment section.

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